Customs brokerage services
“DLL” offers customs clearance services and helps to carry out customs formalities in both export / import countries and transit countries, including North America, countries of the European Union, CIS and Asia.


 Customs declaration of goods
1  Customs clearance of goods delivered by various modes of    transport (air, sea, road, rail). Execution of customs declarations for    various types of customs procedures, for example, import, export,  temporary import / export, re-export, re-import, processing  to /  outside the customs territory
2   Advising the company’s Clients on foreign economic activity, including issues  related to obtaining permits from state regulatory authorities necessary for customs clearance (phytosanitary, veterinary, sanitary and epidemiological  control, certification), obtaining a product classification decision in the Federal  Customs Service.
3  Consultation on customs legislation and practice of its application
4  Consultation at the conclusion of contracts of foreign trade activities
5  Representation of interests Representing clients in customs