About Us


WE ARE Dream Line Logistics!

“Dream Line Logistics” is a private organization established to provide high quality services for the international carriage of goods. Highly qualified and motivated management and personnel with extensive experience in the field of forwarding and transportation, makes it possible to recommend import and export to all countries of the world, all types of logistics services, transportation. We organized as full service logistic company with qualified emplyees and strong comunication network.


  • Container transportation
  • Carriage transportation
  • Road transportation
  • International transportation
  • Transportation with scheme “Door to Door”
  • Cargo shipments
  • All transport services belonging to Carriage shipments



    • Creating schemes for good loading and its transaction with railway.
    • Loading and ofloading using special equipments
    • Packaging and unpacking of goods
    • Finding out necessary railway vehicles and providing.
    • Execution of shipment documents
    • Tracking cargo route
    • Cargo expedition
    • Cargo insurance
    •  Customs services

 Social Responsibility

The market of the international transportation is stuffed with forwarding companies. But what distinguishes us is not quantity but the quality of the freight delivery, issuance of the cargo, custom clearance, and other associated services. “DLL” is aware of benefits of waging environmentalist policy. We try to put environmental practices in our every commercial activity. Our employees works with “Logistic in more green world” slogan.
Our Values
“DLL”works with spesific commercial and ethic values. 
Reliable, consistent stance. Powerful company profile.Privacy of private informations of customers and partners.Sincerety in employee relations, team spirit.Objective approach when chosing employee.Environmentalist approach when we work.
All services we gave while transporting, configured for increasing work yield by thinking customer needs. Reliable service structure made by sharing right information in the right time with tracking services smartly.
 All import & export services performed in conditions of INCOTERMS.